Emergency Assistance ….. We Are Always With You!

Pendant, SMART SOLE™, or App will locate users…great for wandering, dementia, lone workers, special needs, students, active adults, children, real estate agents, executives
Send contact information directly!

Nationwide Coverage

  • Reliable nationwide coverage providing access to emergency assistance when and where you need it wherever GSM coverage is available.
  • Powerful and clear two-way communications.

GPS Locating Technology

  • Specialized GPS technology is built-in to locate you for better response.
  • Great for children, students, executives and at-risk individuals.

Personalized to Fit Your Needs

  • Emergency contact information, important medical data, allergy information, medicine dosage can be stored to provide first responders.
  • Contact information and who to contact should an emergency situation arise.
  • Special needs programming available to address wandering
  • Dementia and memory impaired individuals benefit from the one-button assistance

Life Button 24 Integrates with 9-1-1

  • Trained dispatchers will summon 9-1-1 emergency services to your location and follow the emergency plan you have created for your situation.
  • SOS call button when held for 4 seconds will provide you emergency assistance.
  • Once 9-1-1 has been dispatched a Life Button 24 operator will remain on the line with you.