Life Button 24 Personal Student Security
Parental Peace of Mind


How safe will my student be on your campus? It’s one of the top questions asked by parents when choosing a college or university for their kids. What new steps can your school take to ensure & promote student safety?

Life Button 24 is a revolutionary phone app capable of instantly connecting students with safety personnel during any emergency. Using the latest technology, Life Button 24 is an emergency communications solution that can be downloaded onto any iPhone or Android compatible smart phone.

When activated the phone becomes a security beacon – connecting students with our Emergency Dispatch Center. Our trained experts stay with the student until they are safe – or in true emergency situations – connect the call immediately to campus police.

Life Button 24 allows for safety both on and off campus. Your students will be protected anywhere in the U.S. …at all times.

Life Button 24 can even send video clips directly to law enforcement as events unfold. Students are never alone with Life Button 24!



…Only seconds to safety!

Life Button 24 is an app that can be downloaded from our web site. Is it that simple to have protection at the push of a button on a mobile device. Life Button 24 is:

  • A personal response team with 24/7 coverage across the U.S.
  • GPS satellite locating technology pinpointing where users are for authorities
  • Provides a two-way conversation or silent mode for dispatchers to listen in
  • Offers a Pro-Active (not Re-Active) approach to campus security
  • Fully monitored 24/7 by a UL-listed central station